Voyant Tools Workshop

I’ve published a Google doc with notes for my workshop on Voyant Tools. The workshop will provide a very basic introduction to using computational text analysis tools using Voyant Tools.

In this workshop I will give a short introduction to the use of computational text analysis using a web-based set of tools called Voyant Tools. I will briefly talk about text analysis software, and what Voyant does. I will then show how to get texts into Voyant and guide the participants through using the tools on some eighteenth-century texts. The workshop will also demonstrate some of the capabilities that Voyant Tools has, and look at a few different possibilities for things that can be done with it. Participants will also be given the opportunity to do some work on their own texts using Voyant.

You can find the Google Doc here:


I will probably continue to work on this between now and the workshop, so it might be updated before we start.

If you are planning on participating in the workshop you will need to have your own laptop. The demonstrations and hands-on participation will all be live, so please make sure you can connect to the wifi before we begin.

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